Well Done II [Open Wide]

My second digital compilation of composed hip hop tracks. This album deviates a bit from the west coast style of production I’ve been accustom to and encompasses more orchestral, rock, and electronic elements. I started working on this album immediately after I finished the first Well Done album. A few of the tracks had started off with me experimenting with synths and eventually achieving a sound that blended synth music with some hard rock elements. When I nailed the sound that I was going for I immediately started work on this album. Completion took about six months.


Flemmings Beaubrun


Flemmings Beaubrun


Flemmings Beaubrun

Additional Production by:

Freymers Beaubrun


Track 1 (Prelude to Madness -Intro-) contains the THX Deep note

Track 5 (Milk Way Wishes) contains an interpolation of “Lost Woods” from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time