The Next Level: Act 1

The timeline of this album is a tad bit interesting. I actually started work on this while completing Well Done III. In the process of doing finishing touches on that project, I wounded up with a bunch of tracks that didn’t fit the mold of the former. These three or so tracks would be the beginnings of “The Next Level”. To build what you hear in this album, I actually had to refer back to a former EP of mine (Phantom Powered) for some inspiration. I borrowed two tracks from there that I though would fit well into this and started crafting an experience unlike no other. This album challenged me musically because it forced me to use a lot of synths and instruments I’m not accustomed to. This is the first of a two part epic and I hope to have the second part out sometime next year. Enjoy.


Flemmings Beaubrun


Flemmings Beaubrun


Flemmings Beaubrun

Additional Production by:

Freymers Beaubrun

Track #4 contains a sample of “Everything I Own” by N’sync