Phantom Powered EP

This album started off as the final album in the Well Done Trilogy however, the more I delved into this EP the more I realized that it was extremely experimental in nature. The sound of this album deviated from the dark and gritty hip hop elements I used in the previous two albums and though good, It didn’t feel right to slap the “Well Done” name on to these tracks thus I put these tracks together in EP. In the process of working on this EP I made three tracks which started sounding more like what I’d want in a “Well Done” series album so I scraped them from this EP and started building from them for my next Well Done album. I finished this batch of tracks in a week though it took about two months before I decided to make this its own EP.


Flemmings Beaubrun


Flemmings Beaubrun


Flemmings Beaubrun

Additional Production by:

Freymers Beaubrun